Hackney Permaculture

All mulched
Many hands make light work and yesterday four of us managed to bring ten more bags of compost back from the park and finish mulching the second half of our main growing space in next to no time at all.
Hackney Downs compost area

Hackney Downs compost area with official council sign

Main area fully mulched

Main area fully mulched

After mulching we split into two groups – Claudia and Parastow broke up some strawberry plants, which had been rescued from somewhere else, into smaller pots so they will survive the winter with some water and love.

Next they planted some rainbow chard which was already looking fairly tasty as it had started life in the same place as the strawberries.

Freshly planted Rainbow Chard

Freshly planted Rainbow Chard

Meanwhile Laura and I began to clear out the bed at the rear of the garden which revelead a dead bed frame, a kids trike and scooter, three barbeques, a couple of dead chairs and numerous other bits of junk.

We also spent an age filling up the pond but it was empty again this morning so we obviously need to do a better job of blocking the plug hole!

Dead bed and other misc junk

Dead bed and other misc junk


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