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Making leaf curd from lime tree leaves
April 19, 2009, 2:42 pm
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I recently invested in the British permaculture bible, The Earth Care Manual by Patrick Whitefield. It is a truly awesome body of work which I recommend to anyone with a pulse.

One of the first things to catch my eye was a recipe tucked into an obscure corner of the book about making leaf-curd and feeling slightly nervous about where us vegans are going to find tofu when flying it over from the other side of the world stops making economic sense, I thought it time to have a go at making some…

  1. First I accosted my friend Richard Godwin to climb up the lime tree and harvest some of the lovely young leaves, which just so happened to be a nice lime colour.
  2. Next we stuck the leaves into a liquidiser until we had a smooth leafy paste which was then strained through a tea towel to remove the pulp.
  3. The remaining liquid was then boiled and the curd which formed on top collected by skimming from the top of the pan and put into an improvised mould.
  4. Then we knocked up a quick stir fry and ate ‘leafu’ as it also seems to be affectionately called.

Richard also wrote a column about this for the Evening Standard which can be read here – http://godwin.thisislondon.co.uk/2009/04/permaculture.html

Further research lead me to this PDF document – Leaf concentrate: A Field Guide for Small Scale Programs by David Kennedy and Leaf for Life (1993) which is utterly huge and if you want to get geeky on the topic seems to pretty much cover EVERYTHING, ever that you could ever ever ever want to know about making leaf curd anywhere at anytime with anyone.

Richard Godwin harvesting lime leaves

Richard Godwin harvesting lime leaves

Lime Leaf purée

Lime leaf purée

Leaf curd in improvised mold

Leaf curd in improvised mold

Leaf curd or Leafu stir fry

Leaf curd or Leafu stir fry


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I’ve considered trying lime leaves but not got around to it. Wild garlic and nettle are my favourite curds. The current edition of Country Kitchen Magazine has a 3 page piece on making leaf curd. I wrote it. Shame they didn’t use my photo of a leaf curd green fried egg! Have you experimented further???

Comment by Fergus

The pics look like you just sieved out the wetness and put the pulp into molds! Perhaps thi is the same result as simply pureeing and sieving without boiling/skimming? Would love to know why you didn’t show the other stages in images.

Comment by Fred

thought it best to not have too many pictures and they didn’t come out too interesting – the instructions are in the text above :-)

Comment by Robin

Thanks for the link to David Kennedy. We want to start small scale processing up North and this is just the sort of info we’re after.

Comment by Guy Rees

For more info on leafu try my web site http://www.leafcycle.co.uk Incidentally nettles are easier to harvest than lime tree leaves.

Comment by michael cole

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