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Capital growth grant

A little while ago we filled in a form applying for a capital growth grant.

Capital Growth is a scheme to support the start up of 2012 new growing spaces in London by 2012, something to do with the major and some of those politicians no doubt.

After a few phone chats and a visit from the delightful Eloise, a lovely pack containing various goodies and a cheque arrived… and I didn’t even hear or need to use the word ‘legacy’ once.

I love that they just put ‘farleigh road’ on the certificate… I kinda feel obliged to garden the whole street now!

Capital growth welcome pack

Capital Growth welcome pack

Hurrah, a certificate...

Hurrah, a certificate...

... and a plaque!

... and a plaque!


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I just stumbled on your site – via your post on the free compost from Hackney Downs park. We have a garden in Hackney, but the soil is terrible – will have to ask nicely for some gratis compost!

Did you get this grant for your back garden? Will they give it out for that?


Comment by Tom Mac

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