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Farleigh Road street gardening
May 29, 2010, 6:45 pm
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Farleigh Road street gardening

Inspired by the ‘pimp my pavement‘ website I have recently been spending time with other residents making mini gardens on the street.

The sun did not shine and we had to flee inside shortly after due to a downpour but we now have two pretty little beds at the bases of the street trees on Farleigh Road.

They were made using lime branches pollarded from other street trees and planted up with flowers and beans which should climb up the tree cages. I propagated the beans myself and the flowers came from Columbia Road flower market.

Brox filled with flowers from Columbia Road flower market

Planting climbing beans on Farleigh Road


August 23, 2009, 10:37 am
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Not exactly rocket science but picking apples in London does seem to be a fringe activity. So many trees dripping with fruit, most of which ends up getting swept up by the street cleaners. Not this year :-)

Buying a telescopic fruit picker was the first action – I got mine second hand from ebay, here is a new one that is similiar – http://garden4less.co.uk/proddetail.asp?prod=RGM

Now off to these two trees on St Jude Street –

We had so many apples from our scrump that I set up shop on my street and started giving them away to neighbours which then resulted in my being invited into various back gardens to pick more!

Time to make some chutney now i guess :-)

Farleigh Road Big Lunch 19th July 2009
July 23, 2009, 2:03 pm
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Farleigh Road Big Lunch 1

Farleigh Road Big Lunch

Last week Farleigh Road held a street party as part of the national ‘Big Lunch’ campaign (http://www.thebiglunch.com/)

The road was shut, residents of all ages and nationalities pulled together to create a truly awesome feast and the street was transformed for a day.

I took the liberty of carrying furniture and plants from my front room into the street – happy days.

I am lucky to live on such an amazing street – full of diversity and life – a little positivity can go a long way.

Farleigh Road Big Lunch

Farleigh Road Big Lunch

Capital growth grant

A little while ago we filled in a form applying for a capital growth grant.

Capital Growth is a scheme to support the start up of 2012 new growing spaces in London by 2012, something to do with the major and some of those politicians no doubt.

After a few phone chats and a visit from the delightful Eloise, a lovely pack containing various goodies and a cheque arrived… and I didn’t even hear or need to use the word ‘legacy’ once.

I love that they just put ‘farleigh road’ on the certificate… I kinda feel obliged to garden the whole street now!

Capital growth welcome pack

Capital Growth welcome pack

Hurrah, a certificate...

Hurrah, a certificate...

... and a plaque!

... and a plaque!