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Free compost from Hackney Downs park
September 22, 2008, 5:11 pm
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Note – I was mistaken about the below post – it is actually leaf mould not compost – for free compost see this post



Happy days – I cycled by the park ranger’s hut today and he was in – I thought the hut was just for show!

He was more than happy to give me permission to raid the huge pile of compost in the north east corner of the park which is conviently five mins ride from my front door…

My friend Simon kindly agreed to help me out getting the compost back to mine.

The brown bags are free from Hackney Council for garden waste but are very useful for moving around stuff too as I have found more than once already.

We collected ten bags in fourty minutes then had to stop due to exhaustion – this is proving to be quite a workout for me!

I also managed to get a huge stash of garden cuttings from across the road this morning – I reckon with this load of compost, a pile of cardboard boxes and the neighbours cuttings I have all I need to start mulching.

Simon bagging the compost from Hackney Downs

Simon bagging the compost from Hackney Downs

Compost transporting on a trike

Compost transporting on a trike