Hackney Permaculture

Breakfast with foraged grapes

It is that time of the year where I cycle about dumbfounded at the amount of organic seasonal locally produced food going to waste.

If you live in Hackney get your arse down to Sandbrook Road, N16 (just off Church Street). At the north end there is a wall dripping with grapes which I have never seen anyone else harvest. The photo below is from Googlemaps… imagine that whole wall overflowing with the good stuff.


plum harvesting time
Robin picking plums using telescopic fruit harvesting device

Robin picking plums using telescopic fruit harvesting device

I was never quite sure how we were going to get all of the plums harvested from the top of such a huge tree and then someone suggested I buy a special tool to do the job which I must confess hadn’t occurred to me!

A quick bit of googling and eBaying later and… ta da… one ten foot extendible fruit picking gadget. Happy days…

The one I bought was second hand on eBay but if I was going to buy new the one that caught my eye was the multi-use fruit picker made by Wolf Garden – http://www.wolf-garten.co.uk

The rest, as they say, is plum jam, plum pickle and assorted other forms of plum joy history.

The plum picking team

The picking team with over 10kg of plums... we only stopped when it got dark!

Capital growth grant

A little while ago we filled in a form applying for a capital growth grant.

Capital Growth is a scheme to support the start up of 2012 new growing spaces in London by 2012, something to do with the major and some of those politicians no doubt.

After a few phone chats and a visit from the delightful Eloise, a lovely pack containing various goodies and a cheque arrived… and I didn’t even hear or need to use the word ‘legacy’ once.

I love that they just put ‘farleigh road’ on the certificate… I kinda feel obliged to garden the whole street now!

Capital growth welcome pack

Capital Growth welcome pack

Hurrah, a certificate...

Hurrah, a certificate...

... and a plaque!

... and a plaque!