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One week gone
September 22, 2008, 5:37 pm
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It has been amazing how my neighbours, friends and landlord have responded to all this new-found mischief.

I seem to have met and chatted to a lot more neighbours than usual in the last two weeks. I guess people who have lived on the street for many years see gardening as a sign that I care about my home/street/area and as a result they seem keener to make conversation or maybe I am being more extrovert as I hunt for free stuff!

I have got a wooden trellis, a garden bench, bagged garden cuttings and soon some wood chippings all as a result of people on my street. I also got half a bag of posh compost from freecycle. All for free. This is good.

My landlord is delighted – the house was his family home where he grew up and his mum was a keen gardener, which shows as the soil is in great condition.  We have already found one of her grapevines which looks good to give us a crop next year with suitable amounts of love and attention.

Finally, my friends all seem enthused about getting involved and indeed have already mucked in admirably. I hope that once we have set up my garden we can continue this momentum and go and find some other spaces to transform. It seems pretty easy so far and not a penny spent yet.

Next up after mulching is working out how to recycle grey water – this looks like being a big challenge but that is okay cos I like big challenges.