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Container gardening using pottery packing crates
March 9, 2009, 8:18 pm
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A friend of mine who imports pottery was about to skip some used packing crates …and did I want them! Of course….

After wrestling with myself a little, deciding whether to varnish or paint them, I have left them natural but lined them with an old shower curtain I picked up from Hackney Freecycle to try to prevent too much moisture from coming into contact with the wood.

The space outside my studio is fairly shaded so I have popped a couple of raspberry canes in each along with various bulb and flowers that were in the lovely old bathtub that used to hold them and I have now emptied of soil and been allowed to take from my outside studio back home to form part of the grey-water recycling system – thank you Laura, the Landlady.

container gardening using pottery packing crates

Hopefully I can guide the raspberries around the fence

Old tub ready to move to a new life and home

Old tub ready to move to a new life and home